Welcome to Agile Africa Network

In collaboration with The Liberators Network.

About Us

The Agile Africa Network started in 2020 with a small group of african agile practitioners dedicated to sharing their passion with the continent. 

As part of The Liberators Network, we are also a global community that exists to help practitioners of Scrum, other Agile ways of working, and Liberating Structures, to find support, offer help, and draw inspiration.

We believe in the power of peer-to-peer inspiration to overcome the tough challenges we face when we try to liberate teams and organizations from ineffective ways of working.

Our Principles

• We create a sustainable, global, and diverse community;
• We aim to turn ideas into action, and on learning with and from others through experiments in co-creating;
• We speak and share from real-world experience;
• We respect every contribution and treat each other as equals;
• We create an environment where we and others feel safe to take interpersonal risks;
• We empower each other to increase our autonomy and confidence;
• We help each other uphold the few rules we set;
• We keep focus on the purpose of this community.

To learn more about The Liberators user groups, visit: https://github.com/theliberators/usergroups.

Our Partners